HMS Pinafore

Spring 2018

Gilbert & Sullivan

A lowly sailor and his Captain's beautiful daughter find their love thwarted by their differences in rank, an evil shipmate, and an incompetent Lord.

May 4,5,6 and 10,11,12, 2018


Join the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players this May for a brand new production of HMS Pinafore, Star Trek style! 

Not content with her earthly empire, Great Britain has turned her gaze outward, and Her Majesty's Navy now patrols the vast expanse of the final frontier. But where England goes, so goes her notorious class system, and Chief Security Officer Josephine Corcoran and lowly ensign Ralph Rackstraw find themselves all at sea when they fall madly in love. With Romulans in the neutral zone, restless Klingons itching for a fight, and Josephine's social-climbing father, and captain, determined to marry her off to a pompous admiral, the stakes have never been higher for Gilbert and Sullivan's most famous lass and the sailor she loves.

Location: Sala de Puerto Rico
MIT Student Center 2nd floor


84 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA


Meghan Jolliffe* / Gabriel Ellsworth** as Ralph Rackstraw
Elizabeth Clutts* / Julianne Freeman** as Josephine Corcoran
Tyler Crosby as Captain Corcoran
Anna Richardson as Buttercup
Emile Lewis as Sir Joseph Porter
Julie Cohen* / Harsh Singh** as Cousin Hebe
Lev Kandel as Dick Deadeye
Nick Stevens as Bill Bobstay 
Jeremy White as Bob Becket

Ensemble: Laurie Beth Brunner, John Covert, Deborah Gaz, Theresa Griffin, David Wu, and J. Young

*May 4th-6th performances
**May 10th-12th performances

Stage Direction by Rebecca Graber
Music Direction by Johnnie Han
Produced by Julie Liao


Tickets are available online at or at the door before each performance. 

General Public: $15.00
Discount (Seniors/MIT alum/MIT community): $10.00
MIT Students: Free (with MIT ID)


Sala de Puerto Rico