Spring 2004

Gilbert & Sullivan

The Gods on Mount Olympus are old and tired, so decide to take a vacation to earth while a group of traveling actors take their place. (Most of the music for this opera has been lost, so it is played today only in reconstructions using either other Sullivan music, or original music.) (Summary taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan archive.)

Come see how topsy-turvy the world can be when a troupe of actors takes over while the Gods are on vacation!


Librettist: William S. Gilbert
Composers: Arthur Sullivan and Colin Johnson
Stage Director: David C. Jedlinsky '89
Orchestrator and Music Director: Todd Neal
Producers: Garry Zacheiss '00 and Ruth Jedlinsky W'90


Show Program (PDF)

Photos by Harriet Fell


In Thespis, the gods on Mount Olympus have grown old and tired, so they decide to take a vacation to Earth while a group of traveling actors take their place.

Thespis was the first collaboration by Gilbert and Sullivan. Because most of its original music has been lost, it has very rarely been presented since its original production in 1871.

This version of Thespis will consist of two existing Sullivan tunes, "Climbing Over Rocky Mountain" and "Little Maid of Arcadee." All other music has been specially composed for this show by Colin Johnson and orchestrated by Todd Neal, and MITG&SP are pleased to be presenting the world premiere of this new work.


The Gods
Jupiter Rishi Basu
Apollo Ion Freeman G
Mars Robert Morrison '96
Diana Mary A. Finn '81
Mercury Tracy Hammond G
The Thespians
Faux Jupiter
Andrew Sweet
Faux Apollo
Len Giambrone '92
Faux Diana
Ashley H. Kim '04
Faux Calliope
Sonya Tang '04
Daphne (Understudy, Saturday 4/10 8pm performance) Vanessa Quinlivan '06
Faux Pluto
Nick Bozard '02
Faux Mars
Bradley Timmers C
The Star (Alcyone)
Faux Cupid
Noelani Kamelamela '05
Faux Bacchus
Randi Kestin C
Faux Hymen
Sheldon Brown
Faux Venus
Sarah Pearcey CMI'05
Faux Father Time
Brie Frame '05
Faux Clio
Rebecca Burstein
Faux Vulcan
Matthew Morse
Faux Thalia
Jesse Sullivan C
Faux Minerva

Kendell Timmers G


Violin Johanna Bobrow '99
Amittai Axelrod '01
Steve Alpert '05
Yelena Tsitkin '06
Elise Olson '05
Viola Ken Allen
Leo Mayer
Cello Angelo Spinosa
Jenny Meanwell G
Anisa Schardl '06
Bass Sarah Hudson '05
Oboe Eliot Polk '78
Flute Jennie Hango '98
Matt Sakai '97
Clarinet Eric Mumpower '03
Ian Shay '92, '01
Bassoon Thomas Dawkins
Trumpet Joy Nicholson '98
Horn Tracy Walsh
Bill Sommerfeld '88
Trombone Bob Piankian '72
Esther Horwich '77
Percussion Carol Novitsky '81
Carolyn Jean Smith '87

Jeremy Sawicki
Thomas Dawkins
Carol Novitsky '81
Vanessa Quinlivan '06


Producers Garry Zacheiss '00
Ruth Jedlinsky W'90
Stage Director David Jedlinsky '89
Music Director Todd Neal
Vocal Coach Jessica Raine
Assistant Vocal Coach Tracy Hammond G
Stage Manager
Ky Lowenhaupt C
Stage Manager
Deborah Gaz W'98
Indispensible Assistant
to Producers
Robert Morrison '96
Technical Directors Ezra Peisach '89
Master Carpenter Proven
Assistant Master Carpenter Brie Frame '05
Set Designer Erin Tyndall '04
Lighting Designer Mike Bromberg '70
Assistant Lighting Designer Tiffany Reiter
Master Electrician Joel Herda
Light Board Operators Cheesy
Tiffany Reiter
Gobo Cutters *Hobbit*
Joanne Handwerger
Costume Manager Vanessa Quinlivan '06
Costume Designer Jenna Lourenco
Costumes Stephanie Fried '03
Props Ruth Jedlinsky W'90
Orchestra Manager Jennie Hango '98
House Manager Ken Raeburn '88
Ticker Manager Mycroft
Publicity Manager Sonya Tang '04
Publicity Staff Ashley Kim '04
Caitlin Smythe G
Jesse Sullivan
Graphic Layout Ruth Jedlinsky W'90
Graphic Artist Jacqueline Felton '04
Program Manager Robert Morrison '96
Program Designer Erica Schultz C
Makeup Manager Esther Dubrovsky
Makeup Artist Elizabeth R. Stone
Lighting Crew Aaron "Pup" Block
Ky Lowenhaupt C
Brian Trimmer G
Shmike '00
Matti Klock
Brie's Mom
Set Crew Ross Hatton '05
Larry Stone C
Brie's Mom
Jonathon Weiss '93
The Cast & Crew
Run Crew Kevin DiGenova
Matti Klock
Ruth Jedlinsky W'90
Garry Zacheiss '00
Ezra Peisach '89


La Sala de Puerto Rico

  • April 9, 2004, 8 p.m.
  • April 10, 2004, 2 p.m.
  • April 10, 2004, 8 p.m.
  • April 15, 2004, 8 p.m.
  • April 16, 2004, 8 p.m.
  • April 17, 2004, 8 p.m.
  • April 18, 2004, 2 p.m.