The Yeomen of the Guard

Spring 1999

Gilbert & Sullivan

Colonel Fairfax, sentenced to die in an hour on a false charge of sorcery, marries Elsie Maynard, a strolling singer. But then he escapes, causing complications. At the end Elsie's boyfriend, Jack Point, dies of a broken heart. Or does he? The nearest that Gilbert and Sullivan working together came to grand opera. (Summary taken from the Gilbert and Sullivan archive.)

Stage Directed by Marion Leeds Carroll
Music Directed by Alan Yost
Produced by Sarah McDougal and Garry Zacheiss


Photos at Sheldon Brown's site


  • Apr 16, 8 pm, La Sala de Puerto Rico: OPENING NIGHT
  • Apr 17, 8 pm: Performance
  • Apr 18, 2 pm: Matinee performance
  • Apr 22, 8 pm: Performance
  • Apr 23, 8 pm: Performance
  • Apr 24, 8 pm: Performance
  • Apr 25, 2 pm: Matinee performance


Sala de Puerto Rico