Fall 1999

Gilbert & Sullivan

Iolanthe, a fairy, is allowed to return after being banished for the crime of marrying a mortal. Unfortunately, her half-human, half-fairy son is having some difficulty with the Lord Chancellor, who will not grant permission for him to marry Phyllis. But the fairies agree to help him, despite the opposition of the entire British Parliament!

November 5 - 11, 1999

Stage Director: Erik Lars Myers
Producer: David Euresti
Music Director: Kevin Mitchell
Vocal Director: Kate Thornton
Orchestra Director: David Larrick 

  • Friday, 11/5 at 8 pm
  • Saturday, 11/6 at 2 pm and at 8 pm
  • Sunday, 11/7 at 2 pm 
  • Thursday, 11/11 at 8 pm
  • Friday, 11/12 at 8 pm
  • Saturday, 11/13 at 8 pm 

    All performances will be in La Sala de Puerto Rico, on the second floor of the MIT Student Center. Please email us or call us at 617-253-0190 for more information. Tickets are $5 for MIT/Wellesley students, $7 for other students, children, senior citizens, and MIT Community, and $9 for the general public. Groups of 10+ will receive a $1 discount on each ticket. To reserve tickets, please call 617-253-0190 or email (email address removed). 

    Photos at Sheldon Brown's website 


    Fairy Queen Katherine Bryant
    Fleta Sara Camden
    Celia Kate Cunningham
    Iolanthe Dawn Perlner '01
    Leila Erica Schultz
    Phyllis Mary Tsien '01
    Strephon Cemocan Yesil '03
    Earl Tolloler David Michael Daly
    Lord Chancellor Jonathan Weinstein G
    Earl of Mountararat Neal Addicott '97
    Private Willis Ryan Caveney '96


  • Emilie Amstutz
  • Lisa Gay
  • Anna Herbert, C
  • Erika Emrick
  • Jean Kanjanavaikoon '02
  • Claudia Mastroianni
  • Robin Trew 


  • George Brown
  • Sheldon Brown
  • Mark Dulcey
  • Robert Morrison '96
  • Matthew Morse
  • Benjamin F. Nicholson '03
  • Felix Rivera
  • Jennifer Shih 

    Production Staff

    Producer David Euresti '01
    Director Erik Lars Myers
    Music Director Kevin Mitchell '98
    Vocal Director Kate Thornton W'99
    Orchestra Director David C. Larrick
    Technical Director Matthew Matheny
    Casting Director Rebecca Consentino
    Stage Managers Stephanie Wang '02 
    Megan M. Bell
    Set Designer Vladimir Zelevinsky G
    Costume Designer Kate Cunningham
    Light Designer Amanda Wozniak '03
    Set Shop Manager Larry Stone C
    Asst. Technical Director Arjun Narayanswamy
    Master Carpenter Matthew Matheny
    Master Electrician Matt Deeds '00
    Props Mistress Stephanie Wang '02
    Asst. Costumers Thelma Cunningham 
    Heather McArthur
    Costume Maker Anna Herbert
    Orchestra Manager Hilde Heremans '01
    Light Board Operator Bette Weinberg '02

    Paul-Gabriel Wiener

    Makeup Artists Rebecca Consentino 
    Erik Lars Myers
    House Managers Ken Raeburn '88 
    Ezra Peisach '89
    Publicity Sasha Manoosingh '03
    Program Design Anand Sarwate '01
    Ticket Manager Arthur Fitzmaurice '03
    Set Crew David Euresti '01 
    Jason Goodman 
    Brian Trimmer 
    Paul-Gabriel Wiener


    Concert Mistress Johanna Bobrow '99
    Violin Jennifer Clay '02 
    Yee Lam '01 
    Jane Maduram '03 
    Bushra Makiya '03 
    Yori Sakakura 
    Gayani Tillekeratne '03
    Viola Geoffrey King H '00 
    Melanie Pincus '02
    Cello Deanna Chou '01 
    Michelle Duvall '03 
    Allison Neizmik '02
    Bass Emily Hanna '00
    Flute (piccolo) Gabrielle Cayton '02 
    Jacob Strauss '01
    Flute Jessica Hector '03
    Clarinet Hal Abelson F 
    Benjamin Ho G 
    Eric Mumpower '00
    Oboe Emily Glassinger '00 
    Yang Gu '03
    Bassoon George Greco G 
    David Jackson '03 
    Dr. Philip McCrary
    Trumpet Joung-Mo Kang '00 
    Bruce McLeod
    Horn Catherine E Howell '03 
    Chris Stratton '97 
    Jennifer Sullivan '97
    Trombone Bill Sommerfeld '88
    Percussion Jennie Hango 
    Carolyn Smith '87 
    Randi Kestin C


La Sala de Puerto Rico