Pirates of Penzance

Spring 1998

Gilbert & Sullivan

Young Frederic, finally free of his apprenticeship to a band of pirates, falls in love with Mabel, the daugher of a Major-General. Unfortunately, the Pirate King and the nurserymaid he scorned take advantage of his sense of duty to keep him from enjoying his newfound happiness for long...

Production Staff

Stage Director:     Andrew Roberts       
Music Director:     Alan Yost            
Producer:           Ezra Peisach         
Producer:           Teresa Hernandez     
Orchestra Manager:  Jen McKeehan         
Gaphics Designer:   Mariah Daly          
Lighting Designer:  Matt Deeds           
House Manager:      Ken Raeburn          
Makeup:             Rebecca?
Makeup:             Jenna?
Props Manager:      Randi Krestin        
Light Board Op:     Tanis O'Conner       
Master Carpenter:   Steve Atkins         
Master Electrician: Alex Fitzsimmons     
Costume Designer:   Claudia Rocha        
Tech Director:
Set Designer:       Jason Goodman        
Master Carpenter:   Sean Chen            
Program Designer:   Ruth?            
Publicity Managers:  Pearlin Cheung     Sawaka Kawashima     
Ticket Manager:     Sirena Tatum-Coleman 



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