The Mikado

Fall 1998

Gilbert & Sullivan

The son of the Mikado of Japan, disguised as a wandering minstrel in order to escape his father's order to marry the elderly Katisha, finds that the girl he loves is engaged to be married to the Lord High Executioner of Titipu. But that's the least of his worries when his father and Katisha show up searching for him.

Novermber 5, 6, and 7, 1998 at 8PM and November 7 and 8, 1998 at 2PM.


Cast List

The Mikado of Japan David Daly
Nanki-Poo Johnny Lee '00
Ko-Ko Anand Sarwate '01
Pooh-Bah Michael Spitznagel '99
Nathan Handspicker (Nov 7 2PM)
Pish-Tush Frederick Choi '02
Yum-Yum Mary Tsien '01
Pitti-Sing Kate Thornton W
Peep-Bo Anna Leos-Urbel
Katisha Ming-Wei Lim G
Chorus Marion Leeds Carroll C
Ryan Caveney '96
Kate Cunningham W
David Euresti '01
Amy Flanagan C
Nathan Handspicker
Erika Little W
Daniel Lowrey '02
Natasha Neogi G
Felix Rivera '02
Ariel Segall '02

Orchestra List

Conductor Alan Yost
Violins Johanna Bobrow '99
Amittai Axelrod '01
Jennifer Clay '02
Remi Fujii '02
Anne Gaumond '02
Yee Lam '01
Hua-yin Yu '00
Violas Jeff Bigler '87
Dan Cho '02
Caprice Gray '00
Cellos Deanna Chou '01
Jenny Meanwell '01
Grace Nam '01
Basses Emily Hanna '00
Robert Morrison '96
Adam Silverman '01
Flutes Gabrielle Cayton '02
Jeanette Chan '02
Jennie Hango '98
Nina Pocek '02
Ann Tay '01
Clarinets Hal Abelson F
Benjamin Ho '99
Stephen Malionek
Eric Mumpower '96
Oboes Kate Clancy '01
Stephanie Thomas
Bassoon Troy Hudson '00
Horns Grace Ng '02
Chris Stratton '97
Kathryn Troup
Trombones Bill Sommerfeld '88
Avril Waye
Trumpets Joung-Mo Kang '00
Brian Ginsberg '02
Paul Rousseau
Percussion Carolyn Jean Smith '87

Production Staff

Producer Ashwini G. Deshpande '99
Stage Director Andrew Bobson Sweet C
Music Director John McKay '00
Assistant Producer Janaki Wickrema '02
Assistant Stage Director Anne LaVin C
Technical Director Jason Goodman G
Stage Managers Teresa Hernandez '01
Tanis O'Connor '01
Set Designer Ara Knaian '99
Lighting Designer Kevin Mitchell C
Costume Designer Teresa Hernandez '01
Master Carpenter Teresa Tutt G
Properties Manager David Euresti '01
Makeup Designer Erik Lars Myers
Master Electrician Alex Fitzsimmons C
Orchestra Manager Deanna Chou
Cast Managers Jessica Raine
Emily Reinke '99
Publicity Manager Pei-Hsin Lin '02
Lighting Operator Bette Weinberg '02
Graphic Artist Julie Kaufman '02
Rehearsal Pianists Matt Hanna
Mike Bromberg '70
Jeanette Chan '02
Set Crew Ashwini G. Deshpande '99
Alex Fitzsimmons C
Erica Little W
Dan Lowrey '02
Matt Morse
Ariel Segall '02
Paul Gabriel Wiener '01
Costumers Matt Deeds '00
Ashwini G. Deshpande '99
Jason Goodman G
Anna Herbert C
Teresa Hernandez '01
Julie H. Kaufman '02
Emily Reinke '99
Mary Sims '01
Makeup Michiko Kita
Erik Lars Myers
Ticket Manager Pei-Hsin Lin '02
House Manager Ken Raeburn '89
Program Designer Julie H. Kaufman '02



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