Spring 1995

Gilbert & Sullivan

Iolanthe, a fairy, is allowed to return after being banished for the crime of marrying a mortal. Unfortunately, her half-human, half-fairy son is having some difficulty with the Lord Chancellor, who will not grant permission for him to marry Phyllis. But the fairies agree to help him, despite the opposition of the entire British Parliament!

Produced by Lon Williams '93
Stage Directed by Marion Leeds Carroll
Music Directed by David Grunberg

Performed in La Sala de Puerto Rico in the MIT Student Center April 13, 20, 21, and 22 1995 at 8PM and April 22, 1995 at 2PM


Cast List

The Lord Chancellor Wayne Vargas
The Earl of Mountararat Bob Grady
The Earl Tolloller Aaron Sompong (L)
Private Willis Robert Morrison '96
Strephon Neal Addicott '97
Phyllis Emily Browder (L)
Queen of the Fairies Grace E. Colon (G)
Iolanthe Meg Christian (C)
Celia Lya Ana Batlle '96
Fleta Lucy Lim '98
Leila Elizabeth Wheeler (W '97)
Chorus Kate Cunningham
Allison Hua (W '97)
Randi Kestin
Bridget Spitznagel '95
Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Mary Woo (W '97)
Stephen Adams (C)
Peter Cameron
Arthur Dunlap
Barry Jaspan '92
David C. Jedlinsky '89
John Morrison PhD '93
Robert Morrison '96
Jeremy White

Orchestra List

Violin Kyle Yang (G)
Holly Allen '98
Carol Foltz '96
Andrew Huang '96
Alison Kirchgasser
Harry Tsai '95
Ingrid Ulbrich '98
Viola Richard Perng '98
Heidi Chang '98
Cello Kristin Lester '95
Anne Chen (W)
Flute Aranka Matolcsy
Andrea Shochet '98
Clarinet Hal Abelson (F)
Andy Begel '96
Oboe Susan Dacy '97
Bassoon Alison Gillette
Horns Doug Peters
Chad Musser '97
Trumpet Chris Stratton '97
Joy Nicholson '98
Trombone Aaron Julin '98
Bill Sommerfeld '88
Percussion Tim Morgan

Production Staff

Stage Director marion Leeds Carroll
Music Director David Grunberg
Producer Lon Williams '93
Technical Director Ezra Peisach '89
Stage Manager Lon Williams '93
Graphic Designer Leslie Genser
Costume Coordinator Mary Finn '81
Drop Poster Designer Lya Ana Batlle '96
Drop Poster Painters Barry Jaspan '92
Randi Kestin
Lucy Lim '98
Robert Morrison '96
Bridget Spitznagel '95
Wayne Vargas
Elizabeth Wheeler (W)
Lighting Designer Stuart Levine '96
Light Board Operator Tom Yu '95
Lighting Crew Neal Addicott '97
Jeri Champion '96
Meg Christian (C)
Robert Morrison '96
Ezra Peisach '89
Elizabeth Wheeler (W)
Jeremy White
Master Carpenter Chris Marchant '98
Master Electrician James Kirtley '95
Orchestra Manager Kyle Yang (G)
Program Designer Peter Stark
Properties randi Kestin
Publicity Manager Lon Williams '93
Publicity Crew Neal Addicott '97
Kyle Yang (G)
Rehearsal Pianists Susan Shi '97
Eleaanor Babikian
Dan Brooks '98
Christine Chen '98
Miranda Fan '95
Fiora Houghteling
Karin Lin '95
Set Designer David C. Jedlinsky
Set Crew Stephen Adams (C)
Neal Addicott '97
Lya Ana Batlle '96
Emily Browder
Rocky Cardalisco
Peter Cameron
Jim Carroll
Jeri Champion '96
Meg Christian (C)
Kate Cunningham
Andrea Humez '96
David C. Jedlinsky '89
Randi Kestin
Chris Marchant '98
Robert Morrison '96
Ezra Peisach '89
Stephanie Rosch '98
Ruth Seltzer (W '90)
Ticket Manager Robert Morrison '96


Sala de Puerto Rico