The Sorcerer

Fall 1995

Gilbert & Sullivan

A young couple about to be married decide to share their happiness with the whole village by hiring a sorcerer to make a love potion to make everyone fall in love. Naturally, this backfires...

Produced by Richard Freedman
Stage Directed by Wayne Vargas
Music Directed by Brude Miller

Performed in La Sala de Puerto Rico in the MIT Student Center November 10, 16, 17, and 18, 1995 at 8PM and November 11 and 18, 1995 at 2PM

MITG&SP's Production Information

Cast List

Lady Sangazure Mary Finn '81
Aline Suzy Glazer (W '98)
Mrs. Partlett Randi Kestin (C)
Constance Susan Rushing '99
Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre Neal Addicott '97
Alexis Krishan Oberoi
Doctor Daly Ryan Caveney '96
The Notary Richard Freedman '65
Mr. Wells Daniel Kamalic '99
Chorus Rebecca Consentino
Kate Cunningham
Lila French '99
Eric Gaidos (G)
Julie Hseih '97
Lucy Lim '98
David Jedlinsky '89
Jin Kim
Kevin Mitchell '98
John Morrison PhD '93
Carolyn Phillips '99
mario Sengco (G)
Stallion Yang '99

Orchestra List

Violin Akiko Kurachi '99
Lisa Kinder '99
Johanna Bobrow '99
Shamik Das '99
Hong-Sup Park '99
Viola Richard perng '98
Kevin Wilson '99
Nicholas Flowers
Cello David Simmons '99
Flute Aranka Matolcsy
Flute/Piccolo Joy Nicholson '98
Trumpet Chris Stratton '97
Jeff Brown '99
Oboe Susan Dacy '97
Clarinet Yanko Sheiritov '92 (G '94)
Horn Chad Musser '97
Petra Chong '99
Trombone Aaron Julin '98
Bill Sommerfeld '88
Recorder Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Double Bass Robert Morrison '97
Percussion Tova Brown
Bassoon Aimee O'Rourke

Production Staff

Stage Director Wayne Vargas
Music Director Bruce Miller
Producer Richard Freedman
Assistant Music Director Marion Leeds Carroll (C)
Costumes/Makeup Designer Dana Cohen '99
Graphics Designer Andrew Greene '91
Lighting Designer Stacy Schlutsmeyer '97
Master Carpenter Chris Marchant '98
Master Electrician Jason Goodman (G)
Orchestra Manager Aaron Julin '98
Program Designer Peter Stark
Publicity Manager Eric Plosky '99
Rehearsal Pianist Manager Christin Chen '98
Rehearsal Pianists David Bredesen '99
Mike Bromberg '70
Nancy Burstein '71
Teresa CiGenova '99
Fiora Houghteling
Lucy Lim '98
Jason Wong '99
Set Designer Emily Cooper '99
Stage Manager Nina Grav '99


Sala de Puerto Rico