The Mikado

Fall 1994

Gilbert & Sullivan

The son of the Mikado of Japan, disguised as a wandering minstrel in order to escape his father's order to marry the elderly Katisha, finds that the girl he loves is engaged to be married to the Lord High Executioner of Titipu. But that's the least of his worries when his father and Katisha show up searching for him.

Produced by Cynde Hartman
Stage Directed by Marion Leeds Carroll
Music Directed by Steven Peeler


Cast List

The Mikado of Japan Walt Howe
Nanki-Poo Cade Murray '96
Ko-Ko David C. Jedlinsky '89
Pooh-Bah Michael McGuire
Pish-Tush Neal Addicott'95
Yum-Yum Karin Lin '95
Pitti-Sing Randi Kestin
Peep-Bo Andrea Humez '96
Katisha Cara Foss
Chorus Lya Batlle '96
Tova Brown
Christin Chen '98
Kate Cunningham
Marnie Harker '96
Megan Hepler '98
Susan Holley '9
Lucy Lim '98
Gara Mendez '98
Renee Schmidt
Courtney Shiley '98
Johannah Smith '95
Sheldon Brown
Peter Cameron
Arthur Dunlap
Peter Houghteling
Alex Humez
Robert Janssen '96
Neil Jenkins '97
Robert Morrison '96
Hussein Waljee '97

Orchestra List

Violin Kyle Yang (G)
Andrew Huang '96
Abby Cohen '98
Holly Allen '98
Viola Richard S. Perng '98
Heidi Chang '98
Cello Kristin Lester '95
Amy Gresser '98
Bass Kurt Uenala
Flute Aranka Matolcsy
Stephanie Rosch '98
Clarinet Hal Abelson (F)
Andy Begel '96
Oboe Susan Dacy '97
Bassoon Mike Roach
Horn Aaron Cohen '96
Chad Musser '97
Trumpet Chris Stratton '97
Joy Nicholson '98
Trombones Bill Sommerfeld '88
Aaron Julin '98
Percussion Tim Morgan

Production Staff

Stage Director Marion Leeds Carroll
Music Director Steven Peeler
Producer Cynde Hartman
Techical Directors Ruth Seltzer (W '90)
Ezra Peisach '89
Stage Manager Teresa Raine '97
Assistant Musical director Shirley Leiphon
Graphic Designer Leslie Genser
Costumes Cara Foss
Properties Randi Kestin
House Manager Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Lighting Designer C. Brit Gould '95
Lighting Crew Richard Barbalace '96
Matthew H. Braun '93
Kevin L. Mitchell '98
Juan P. Varnon '96
Makeup Cara Foss
Master Carpenter Chris Marchant '98
Orchestra Manager Kyle Yang (G)
Program Editor Peter Stark
Publicity Director Randi Kestin
Publicity Crew Andrea Humez '96
David Jedlinsky '89
Karin Lin '95
Ruth Seltzer (W '90)
Kyle Yang (G)
Drop Poster Designers Lya Batlle '96
Arthur Dunlap
Marion Leeds Carroll
Leslie Genser
Robert Morrison '96
Drop Poster Painters Lya Batlle '96
Marion Leeds Carroll
Arthur Dunlap
Randi Kestin
Mike McGuire
Robert Morrison '96
Rehearsal Pianists Eleanor Babikian
Jim Carroll
Shirley Leiphon
Eric Schwartz
Susan Shi '98
Robert Weingart
Set Deigners Marion Leeds Carroll
David Jedlinsky '89
Set Crew Stephen Adams (C)
Julie-Marie Anderson (C)
Lya Batlle '96
Peter Cameron
Rocky CardaliscoLynn D. Gabbay (G)
Cynde Hartman
Peter Houghteling
Andrea Humez '96
Rob Janssen '96
David Jedlinsky '89
Randi Kestin
Dina Lutt
Chris Marchant '98
Cade Murray '96
Ezra Peisach '89
Stephanie Rosch '98
Ruth Seltzer (W '90)
Amy Vandiver '98
Hussein Waljee '97
Ticket Manager Robert Morrison '96
Props lent by Cara Foss
David C. Jedlinsky '89
Randi Kestin
Marion Leeds Carroll
Richard Freedman '65
Mikd McGuire
Ruth Seltzer (W '90)
Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Peter Stark


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