Pirates of Penzance

Fall 1993

Gilbert & Sullivan

Young Frederic, finally free of his apprenticeship to a band of pirates, falls in love with Mabel, the daugher of a Major-General. Unfortunately, the Pirate King and the nurserymaid he scorned take advantage of his sense of duty to keep him from enjoying his newfound happiness for long...

Produced by Lon L. Williams '93
Stage Directed by Michele M. McVeigh
Music Directed by Todd Douglas Neal

Performed in La Sala de Puerto Rico in the MIT Student Center October 29, 30, 31 and November 4, 5, and 6, 1993 at 8PM and November 6, 1993 at 2PM


Cast List

Major-General Stanley Peter Stark
The Pirate King John A. Wilson
Samuel David C. Jedlinsky '89
Frederic Richard Damaso '95
Police Sgt. Edward Porter Thomas E. Chadwick (G)
Mabel Stanley Evelyn Smith '94
Edith Stanley Sally Powers
Kate Stanley Jean Dinwoodie
Isabel Stanley Karin Lin '96
Ruth Julie-Marie Andersen
Chorus Chris Bailey
Jeremy White
Dave Leigh
Chris Montgomery '93
Robert Morrison '96
Michael Usowski '97
Jason Michaels (C)
Lon L. Williams '93
Patricia Brewer
Andrea Humez '96
Caroline Keller '97
Susan Ruff
Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Jaime Steinbach

Orchestra List

Violin I Amy Hsu
Kyle Yang
Violin II Eric Cedargen
Regina Cheung
Leah Schecter
Viola Laura Juliano
Laura Johnson
Jocelyn Nee
Cello Kristin Lester
Flute Kim Knowles
Matthew Makai
Julie Ann Villa
Piccolo Kim Knowles
Oboe Susan Dacy
Clarinet Hal Abelson
Andrew Begal
Bassoon John Chon
Trumpet Julia Rosolovsky
French Horn Chad Musser
Trombone Dan Peisach
Bill Sommerfeld

Production Staff

Producer Lon L. Williams '93
Stage Director Michele M. McVeigh
Music Director Todd Douglas Neal
Technical Director David C. Jedlinsky '89
Asst. Technical Director Ruth Seltzer W'90
Stage Manager Kim McGarghan
Asst. Stage Manager Wendy McHugh
Choreographer Joan Shear
Asst. Choreographer Lon L. Williams '93
Lighting Designer J. Milo Lanoue
Asst. Lighting Designer Steve Cerny
Set Designer Dave Leigh
Costume Designer Kerry J. O'Malley (C)
Master Carpenter Thomas E. Chadwick (G)
Master Electrician Adam Ganderson '97
Key Grip Katherine Peters '97
Light Board Operator Michael Whitson '97
Properties Mistress Michele M. McVeigh
Poster Designer Jenifer Tidwell '91
Programme Designer Margaret Umbsen
House Managers John Fesenko '89
Jim Miller
Ted Workman
Rehearsal Pianists Julia Rosolovsky
Mark Seelig
Steve Finch
Aaron Schultz
Publicity Grace E. Colon (G)
Drop Poster Designer Wendy McHugh
Tech Crew Julie-Marie Anderson
Rachel Caileff
Rocky Cardalisco
Steve Cerny
Thomas E. Chadwick (G)
David Cho '94.5
Lynn Gabbey
Andrea Humez
Vassiliki Koumandou
Lita Lee
Dave Leigh
Michele M. McVeigh
Robert Morrison
Todd Douglas Neal
Julia Rosolovsky
Matt Sikorsky
Calista Tait
Lon L. Williams '93


Sala de Puerto Rico