Pirates of Penzance

Fall 1988

Gilbert & Sullivan

Young Frederic, finally free of his apprenticeship to a band of pirates, falls in love with Mabel, the daugher of a Major-General. Unfortunately, the Pirate King and the nurserymaid he scorned take advantage of his sense of duty to keep him from enjoying his newfound happiness for long...

Produced by David C. Jedlinsky '89
Stage Directed by Marion Leeds Carroll
Music Directed by Steven McDonald

Performed in MIT Room 54-100 Nov 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, and 20, 1988 at 8PM

Cast List

Major-General Stanley Steven Rapaport
The Pirate King Roland Green
Samuel Thomas Andrews (G)
Frederic Arthur Fuscaldo (H)
Sergeant of Police Andrew M. Greene '91
Mabel Jan Elizabeth Norvelle
Edith Deb Kreuze '90
Kate Laura White Herrera
Isabel Cheryl Blake '89
Ruth Carrie Nafziger (C)
Chorus Michael A. Burstein (H '91)
Rod Dubitsky
Carolyn Lee (G)
David C. Jedlinsky '89
Gregg Penn (H '91)
Neil J. Ross (G)
Carolyn Jean Smith '87
Stephanie Tai '92

Orchestra List

Flute/Piccolo Astrid Kral '89
Edward Norton (G)
Oboe Robin Barr
Clarinet David Auerbach '91
Brenda Kurland
Horn Carole Stoops
Raj Soni '91
Trumpet Peter Berkelman '91
Jen Maiara
Trombone Dan Peisach '90
Percussion Phil Theodosopoulos '92
Violin Lorienne Schwenk
Lucy Hadden
Jonathan Lin
Fred Henley
Viola Scott Smith (G)
Bassoon John Sanderson (G)
Ersatz 'Cello/Continuo Dan Schmidt '91

Production Staff

Producer David C. Jedlinsky '89
Stage Director Marion Leeds Carrol
Music Director Steven McDonald
Properties Laura White Herrera
Costumes Cheryl Blake
Carolyn Lee
Lighting Carolyn Jean Smith '87
House Manager Leah Bateman
Set Designer David C. Jedlinsky
Set Crew Jen Hawthorne
Eri Izawa
Kate Mahoney
David Cho
Leah Bateman
Susanne Willert
Steven Worley


Room 54-100